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Building #1

  • Administrative and commercial
  • Test of small series of boards and electronic devices
  • Assembly of SMD and through-hole electronic boards
  • Assembly of small series of housings and racks as well as power electronics cabinets
  • Workshop with sheet metal bending machine, punching, milling and sanding
  • EMC room and test equipment for CE marking, vibration and temperature tests

Building #2

  • R&D dept with all the described knowledges, with areas dedicated for power testing, plastics prototyping, and optical assembly
  • Test facilities for certification of test equipment for the injection of heat engines.

Building #3

  • Mechanical engineering with two machining centers, two digital lathes, and digital milling machine
  • Precision engineering with planar surface, internal cylindrical and outer cylindrical grinding
  • Checking equipment, measuring column, three-dimensional, leak-meter.

Building #4

  • Medium series assembly
  • Four assembly lines composed of six "chain steps" dedicated to a product:
    1-Automatic Test of cards to assemble.  2-Housing assembly.  3-clipping, screwing or gluing of the casing.   4-Sealing Test (if necessary).  5-Functional Test of finished products.   6-Packaging and labeling.
  • Assembly of test benches and wiring of measurement cabinets, test and system cabinets, and network cabinets.