Design of any kind of electronic boards


  • Analog Electronics.
    Sensor conditioning, input-output management.
  • Digital Electronics.
    FPGA programmable devices (Altera).
  • Power Electronics.
    Power supply DC/DC, AC/DC, AC/AC converters.
  • RF Electronics.
    Standard networks: WIFI, Bluetooth, GSM/GPRS, TETRA, GPS, ZIGBEE. Development of proprietary protocols using free frequencies from 433 to 868 Mhz and 2,4 GHz.

Electronic board design

The analysis of the specifications, the creation of the model and the block diagram, routing of printed circuit allow the manufacture of the prototype. The final test validates compliance with your specifications.

Pre-production series and series

The creation of the industrialization folder with special tools, the use of SMD placement machine and a convection oven, the wave soldering for the traditional and manual recovery result in the realization of pre-series.

Integration into boxes or racks

We analyze the constraints of environmental, thermal, chemical and vibratory integration: dimensions, front and rear panel connectors, internal cabling to provide a product that meets your requirements.

Final assembly and testing to standard equipment

Finally, we perform testing and automatic programming of boards, assembly by clipping, screwing or gluing case, leak test (if necessary), dielectric and life test. The finished product is finally validated through functional test, then packed and labelled.