Software development


  • HMI software: Android, Windows, Linux, DOS
  • Embedded software: microcontrollers, DSP, ARM board, embedded PC
  • Embedded material: graphical programming or VHDL for FPGA and CPLD.

HMI software, database

EFS develops software for PC (office, industrial or embedded) under different operating systems (Windows, Linux, DOS ...) or tablet and smartphone under Androïd.

  • Programming languages: C, C ++, VBA, ...
  • Graphics Libraries: MFC, Qt ....
  • Specific tools: Ifix or Labview

- Implementation of fieldbus like CAN, I2C, USB, SPI, Ethernet…
- Interfacing to third party products communicating with proprietary or not protocols
- Development of evolved Human / Machine Interface
- Software design driving complex processes (test benches ...)
- Design, interfacing and administration of MySQL databases
- Development of drivers.

Embedded software

EFS also has all the means to develop software for different embedded targets:

  • Microcontrollers: Atmel (AVR8, AVR32, ...), Texas Instruments (Tiva C series, MSP430 ...), Microchip (PIC), Freescale (Coldfire ...).
  • DSP: Texas Instrument (TMS 320…)
  • Embedded PC (PC104 under DOS, Linux, ...)
  • Embedded ARM board, BEAGLEBONE and Raspberry.

Embedded hardware

Altera FPGA and CPLD (MAXII, Cyclone, ...) graphic or VHDL.