Design and integration of plastic parts


  • Design and manufacture of moulds and small series manufacturing
  • Assembly and gluing of plastic housing for tight installation
  • Protection against chemical attack
  • Protection of equipment under pressure
  • Optics
  • Protection of physicochemical analyze equipments.


  • Over-moulding of medical probes
  • Over-moulding of temperature sensors
  • Moulding of plastic parts
  • Over-moulding of power electronic components
  • Over-moulding of piezoelectric sensors
  • Sensor over-moulding.

Realization examples

  • High power LED lighting:
    Uniform light distribution, chemical resistance, resistance to 50 bar high pressure, pulsed lighting.
  • Watch for epileptic people:
    Resistance to shock and assault, compactness, integration of a fluorescent button.
  • Power electronic components:
    Dielectric insulation, customized integration.
  • Temperature measuring probe:
    Galvanic isolation, opacity against stray light, shock resistance, explosive atmosphere areas (ATEX).
  • Specific tests connectors:
    specific over moulding of connector for integration compactness.