A radio system to replace the electrical cable between the vehicle and the test means

A partner SME, specialist in industrial connector, contact us to remove the wire between the diagnostic socket of the vehicle and the test stand on the side of production line.
Creat'Line is a radio device for wireless communication of vehicle data. This communication is characterized by a low transfer time radio packets. The assembly consists of a plug having a standard OBD connector that plugs into the vehicle under test and a base that connects to the test means. Creat'Line is a product designed and developed in partnership with Créatique TECHNOLOGY for major automakers.


Since 2000, EFS has designed and produced over fifty benches in Montagny, France

The EFS 8504 system is an automatic bench dedicated to controlling the production series of common rail injectors. The system consists of a test bench and a measurement cabinet.

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Equipment for pharmaceutical product design

A Lyon startup contacted us to develop production equipment for a pharmaceutical product certification.
Erycaps system allows a cycle during which the circulation of the blood will travel from a pocket to the other in certain conditions of temperature and time, and automatically. It consists of a supervisor with two PCs, several Erycaps machinery for the production and a laboratory within which is realized, on blood samples, analyzes for validation of the cycle steps.


IPoD coil: a control module for solenoid injector

This power control module is designed for injectors using magneto-electric technology. Several different control modes and advanced features allow it to adapt to all the injectors on the market.
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30 years of experience in the development and design of instantaneous flowmeters.

EFS offers several flowmeters for characterization of injectors on electrical benches. They allow the shot by shot measurement of injection volumes for fluids such as gasoline, diesel or urea.

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A complete range adapted to control circuit breakers.

A large group meets us to make their test production tools of all their low-voltage circuit breakers.
EFS offers a range of power sources specifically designed for setting alternative thermal circuit breakers and magnetoresistive on a production line.
EFS 8172, 8545, 8326, 8327, 8481, 8565.

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An AC or DC voltage source that adapts to your need.

A large group proposes to realize their production control product capable of testing all their low-voltage contacts.
EFS offers two multi-range voltage sources designed to test alternative or continuous contactors on production line.
EFS 8371: AC voltage source 220 VA adjustable in 6 ranges from 0 to 700 Vrms.
EFS 8373: DC voltage source 40 W adjustable in 4 ranges from 0 to 600 Vdc under a power of 90 W.

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