Pilot your whole LED lighting from your electrical panel.

A large group offers us to be part of a FUI project to design a LED control box.
The LEDBOX system is a control box of 9 independent 40 W LED modules. These modules are driving 0-10V LED and OLED. The module has characteristics detection capabilities of LED used and is therefore able to use the correct driving technique with minimal intervention from the installer and / or electrician. The control of LED modules interfaces with control devices that exist on the market: RS485, Zigbee, Ethernet, KNX, DMX, Dali ...
The development of this product is the result of FUI DELight project which is a partnership between the companies Schneider, Texas Instruments, MOTWIN, laboratoire LAPLACE and EFS.

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15 kilowatts in a footprint of 200 x 120 x 340 mm

SME having a resource problem asks us to resume production of their power converter. It is taken and improved for better functionality.
EFS converters 8215-200 (200 V) and EFS 8215-400 (400 V) are compact high power supplies. The main application is the supply of halogen lamps for the heat treatment of silicon wafer in the semiconductor industry. These converters provide up to 15 kW at 200 V or 400 V depending on model.


A module that fits both production and research

The 6-way IPoD piezo is a power control module for 6 injectors in multiplexed mode using piezoelectric technology.
Several different control modes and advanced features allow it to adapt to all the injectors on the market: management by a single peak current, multi-pulse or constant current.

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Fully equipped contactors and breakers production lines.

Fruit of a long collaboration with Schneider, EFS has developed a complete range of power supplies to test and adjust relays and thermal and magneto-thermal circuit breakers.
It consists of DC voltage sources, AC voltage sources and alternative current sources. It is also possible to test all kinds of products at 50/60 Hz. It adapts perfectly to different customer tests, has large control accuracy and a very good electrical performance.

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